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Vacation Admin Service by Boop Designs

Vacation Admin Service by Boop Designs

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Vacation Admin Service by Boop Designs


Planning to be away over the weekend or going a vacation / holiday but worried about your customer or website while you are gone?  Well, no more worries!  I will be your website and Store admin while you are gone. I have owned and operated both Zen Cart and Xcart stores over the past four years so I know how important customer service is.  I am also a Zen Cart site master who installs and customizes stores for many of my customers in addition to blog customizations.  Yes, I am a technical geek but that is good for you.  You will be able to rest assured that I can handle just about any issue your store or customers have while you are away.  I will set it up so that all your current store email's be forwarded to my inbox as well as yours while you are gone. If any of your customers or designers need assistance I will assist them to your specifications. You can go away knowing that someone will quickly reply to your customer when they contact the store or to handle any situation with orders, downloads or cart issues that may come up.  You will  have someone to watch over your store who treats their customers like you do in a professional and friendly way.  Now you can enjoy your time off or be able to concentrate on your emergency without the stress for worrying about the store. Have peace of mind that you have someone who is reliable and can handle just about any situation that may arise. 

After purchasing this service, please download the zip file included and follow the instructions there.

I will need access to your store and website while you are away.

I have a stellar reputation for complete privacy. If you have any questions prior to your purchase please contact me directly by emailing me at

References available upon request.

Simply choose the length of time you want me to admin for from the pricing dropdown box below. Your price will be displayed there.

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