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Animal Egg Pack 01 by Boop Designs

Animal Egg Pack 01 by Boop Designs



ACTION – Animal Egg Pack 01 by Boop Designs

Cute, adorable and ready for this springs Easter holiday! Egg shaped Animal Packs!  Not just for spring designs. This useful animal set of  clipart type of graphic image maybe used any time during the year.  From country farm themes to family pet or even baby or child projects.  You will get tons of uses from these little critters. Compatible with either Photoshop or PSE only enhances their value.  This action quickly creates your egg shaped animal pausing to allow you to choose any color or pattern fill you want for the different parts of the body.  It even allows you to make adjustments to the layer styles editing the defaulted inner shadows.  Making this wonderful action extremely versatile and user friendly. Perfect for Scrap, craft, hybrid or what ever digital graphic art project you need to work on. Although a designer tool, these are a perfect tool for personal use scrappers as well.

There are (4) four different egg shaped animals in this package set. You get a cow,chick,frog and puppy dog included with this pack. But if you like these and want even more egg shaped animals be sure to look for my Animal pack 02 where you can get a bunny rabbit, sheep, pig and kitty cat.  Want them all?  Pick up my Animal Egg Pack BUNDLE for all of these pets at a super saving discount!!!

• One (4) Photoshop (.atn) file for‚ PhotoShop Users CS2 and higher
• PSE .atn files for Photoshop Element Users 5,6,7,8,9,10,11
• Created & saved at 300 DPI

CU, PU, S4O & S4H Friendly. Please read my TOU included with the files for complete details.  

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  • Manufactured by: Boop Designs

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